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“The Maria Bamford Show”

14 Feb

In 2006, stand-up comedian Maria Bamford had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a set and dropped off the comedy scene to stay with her parents in Duluth MN while she got her head together. During her convalescence, she created “The Maria Bamford Show,” a series of video shorts chronicling her interactions with her parents, sister, and friends as she tries to find stability.

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“The Anxious Bipolar Patient: Strategies for Treatment” by Kavital Lohano and Rif S. El-Mallakh

4 Feb


A good overview of the relationship  between bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder, including PTSD.

“Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Sequelae” by Anita H. Clayton

3 Feb


This article blew my mind. It looks at the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and the development of mental illness, as well as the risks of revictimization. I highly recommend it.

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